The audits occupy a very important place, since they allow to evidence the state in which is the protection of the information and the assets within the organizations.

Likewise, it involves the identification, analysis and evaluation of weaknesses in the safety provisions that have been implemented, as well as of the technological components of the organization. In the specific case of IT, the audit is related to one or several techniques to verify compliance with security requirements, within a set of interconnected elements such as:

  • Pcs

  • Tablets

  • Servers

  • Hosting

  • Switches

  • Access points

  • Routers

The different techniques apply to the different stages of interconnection, these stages have unique characteristics and particularities for each company, the most common reviews are:

Physical Review: It aims to know and validate the mechanisms of protection of wiring and devices (Hardware).

Logical Review: It is oriented to know and validate the protection mechanisms of processes and information.

Internal or external network revision: It is responsible for validating the status of the configurations in Firewalls, IDS / IPS configurations in routers, Access control lists in switch and routers, etc.

Review Wireless Network: It is oriented to validate the complexity of encryption keys and their size, to avoid inclusions by brute force; Also validates the protocols used for the encryption of communication between the two points.

The result of all the reviews in each of the stages is a detailed and impartial report, with a vision as complete as possible, to generate a secure network and preserve the productivity of your company.


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