Penetration Testing is performed from the position of a potential attacker remotely and locally, seeking to exploit security vulnerabilities to obtain information. Just as an intruder would attempt against an organization. In conjunction with the client we design and execute real scenarios that will allow us to identify areas to reduce the impact and the probability of cyber attacks.

The best way to know how intruders will actually enter your network is to simulate an attack under controlled conditions.There is no better way to test the strength of security systems than to attack them.

This test allows us to know the real impact of a computer attack.

  • Tolerance

The resistance of the system (s) to attacks without affecting its operation

  • Complexity

Complexity of attacks necessary to affect a system

  • Detection

Security infrastructure capability to detect attacks

We have experts with extensive experience in the execution of this type of tests.

The scope is defined based on the need of the client with strategic support from our security experts.

  • Internal Network (Networks and Vlans with internal addressing)

  • External Network (Public IP addresses)

  • DMZ Network Web Sites

  • Applications Mobile devices

  • Others


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