Mobile application auditing is necessary to ensure the confidentiality of information for business applications such as commercial applications. Due to the information they manage it is necessary to carry out a security audit of the mobile app used in the company on the existing mobile platforms: IOS, Android, Windows phone and Blackberry hiring a security audit.

When planning a security review of a mobile app, you must identify which resources the mobile application manages, what information is stored on the mobile phone or tablet, and what information is transmitted. Depending on the security of the application and its criticality different security techniques come into play that can include the following tasks:

  • Mobile Application

  • Audit Review of the mobile app

  • Security in mobile application data transmission Endpoint

  • Security Check.

  • Unpacking the application depending on its format (APK, IPA, ALX, JAD, XAP)

  • Detection of code protectors and obfuscators.

  • Analysis and audit of source code.

  • Analysis of the information stored by the mobile app.

  • Analysis of the storage mechanisms of the platform.

  • Mechanisms of protection of access to the data of the app.

  • Loading or executing external content.

Security in data transmission:
  • Existing Authentication Mechanisms

  • Transport Layer and Encryption Mechanisms (HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, TLS, ..)

  • Verification of digital certificates (certificate pinning)

  • Identification of resources with which the connection is established.

End Point Security Review:
  • Analysis of the system against which the mobile app connects (Webservice, ..)

  • Analysis of security controls based on OWASP methodology.

  • Testing on authentication and authorization mechanisms.

  • Server spoofing tests.

  • Interception of access credentials or exchanged information.

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